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Mystery Hole Baffles Investigator: 'Appeared In My Yard Overnight!'

  • by: Alan Duke

Bobby Brown Mystery Hole.jpg

Private investigator Bobby Brown, known for tracking down fugitives with Duane "Dog" Chapman, found a "perfectly round hole" in the yard of his Colorado home and no signs about how it got there overnight or who dug it.

"This is absolutely a very mysterious perfectly round hole that appeared in my yard overnight," Brown, who was featured as a bail bondsmen on seven seasons of "Dog the Bounty Hunter," told Lead Stories. "I have been an investigator over four decades. This is a mystery beyond me."

Brown, who lives in a rural area north of Colorado Springs, noticed the uncovered hole just a few feet from his door. "The hole is 24-inches-deep precisely, with a perfectly 12-by-12 solid packed floor," he said. "Note 100% perfect circle cut into the earth."

"Not one drop of soil anywhere around the surface or on the perfectly same circle hard-packed floor," he said. "You can see rocks cut off, roots perfectly sheared on the hard-packed cylindrical walls. A perfectly round hole that absolutely showed up overnight!"

Brown plans an investigation into the origins of the mystery hole.

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