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Ancient Mystery: 'Super-Henge' Array Discovered Near Stonehenge

  • by: Alan Duke

Superhenge .jpg

Researchers mapping the landscape surrounding Stonehenge found a previously-unknown row of 90 standing stones -- some as tall as 15 feet. The array is buried less than two miles from Stonehenge and could be as old or older, according to researcher Vince Gaffney.

"This is completely new and the scale is extraordinary," Gaffney said.

"Using cutting edge, multi-sensor technologies the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project has revealed evidence for a large stone monument hidden beneath the bank of the later Durrington Walls 'super-henge,'" according to the British Science Association.

This video is an animation of what the stones would look like if not buried:

To understand more about this prehistoric discovery, click here.

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