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Killer At Large In Hollywood Hills? LA Zoo Suspects Wild Lion Killed Koala

  • by: Alan Duke

Killer At Large In Hollywood Hills? LA Zoo Suspects Will Lion Killed Koala

A wild mountain lion lurking in the hills that stretch through Hollywood and are home to many celebrities is suspected of killing a koala at the Los Angeles Zoo, according to the city's deputy mayor.

The lion, known by animal trackers as P-22, is known to lurk at night through the hills. It has been captured by sensors and cameras along animal trails near Lake Hollywood and Griffith Park, where the zoo is located.

The surviving koala's have been relocated from their zoo habitat until the mystery is solved.

Despite being a highly-populated urban area, Hollywood is home to a large population of wild animals, including poisonous snakes, coyotes and deer. But the mountain lion population is believed to be very low.

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